pay day


Cry man why don't

you, let your tears

pour. No one to stop

you, no one to stop

you. Let your tears

pool, man, let your

tears river, no one to

care. My woman

has left me, walked

over the grass, down

to the corner her

words blew past: loved

you, you tromped on

me; loved you, you

left: loved you, you

traded me for all the

rest. Me, for the

thump of the

dice on the stone; for

the slipper a card

deck you left me

alone; for clatter

piano, for dazzle

bright brass. Now I'll

do the leavin, I'm

getting out fast. Washed

me my last shirt ironed

purely like new, stood

your shoes ready, set

your hot food. Now

you're a big man, doesn't

need me. Now you're

a growed man: I set you free.