To the Bureau of the Census


I was born in 1895, the onliest

child of Jace White and Lue

Etta Johnson, Fort

Necessity, Franklin

County, Louisiana, baptized

in the Morningside

Baptist Church that has a

creek run through the


yard. My folks died

when I was small I knows their

names because I read them in the

Bible. I moved in with some

other folks they worked for Mr.

Bonner on his farm wasnít no

address. They was so many

children at that

house, I didnít think a

soul knew I was there, and now they

tells me that you came and

counted me.


Enclosed six dollars can I have

two copies, one for the

Retirements, and one for

me, to prove that I was there.


†††††††††††††† †††††††††††††Lue Etta White